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Clergy and Lay Leaders Gather with Canon Chris for Church Planting and Growth

With Rev. Dcn. Katrina Payne and Fr. Daniel Adkinson Canon Chris Sorensen has been all over the diocese getting to know our plants and missions. He has discerned a need for church leaders in plants and missions, ordained and lay, to gather to help each other in our work. That’s where the idea for the […]

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Meet the new ADOTS Church Planting Team

“I am an adult convert. I know how hopeless my life was before I came to follow Christ,” says the Rev. Canon Chris Sorensen. “My passion is reaching unchurched people with the Gospel.” Canon Chris is the founding pastor of the Mission Abbey in Chattanooga, TN, and the diocese is happy to now welcome him as its […]

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Canon Dan Alger Steps Into a New Assignment

The Rev. Canon Dan Alger has served faithfully and fruitfully as our Canon for Church Planting for the past five years, but is now having to step away from that role in order to answer a call to full time service in the ACNA as Provincial Canon for Church Planting. Dan will continue as Rector […]

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Go. Be Fruitful. Multiply: Canon Dan Alger’s Powerful Call to a Church-Planting Culture in ADOTS

“Oh, you’re that church planting guy.” Canon Dan Alger concedes that this is often how he’s known around the diocese and the province – and he seems okay with that. As the Canon for Church Planting, he recognizes that the topic is often polarizing, with people skewing either enthusiastic or antagonistic. But what he’s not […]

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Church Planting Story: The Long Road to Anglicanism in Clarksville, Tennessee

St. Brigid’s in Clarksville, TN just held its first Eucharistic service this past January, as a church plant out of St. Patrick’s in Murfreesboro, TN. The lay leaders for St. Brigid’s, Wesley and Shari Brown, have had a long journey to Anglicanism – beginning for Wesley while he worked at a Baptist bookstore as a […]

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