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World Mission Sunday – February 10, 2019

Make Plans Now for World Mission Sunday 2019

Anglican Frontier Missions in SoutheastAsia

Canon George Ivey

By Rev. Canon George Ivey, ADOTS Canon Missioner: Advocating for world missions with ADOTS congregations and parishioners throughout the world.

February 10, 2019, is one of the most potent days in our coming year: “Anglican World Mission Sunday.” Why is it potent? Because it often takes the realization of our world-wide connectedness with fellow believers – and the great need for the Gospel in other corners of the world – to blast us out of the pew into mature Christian endeavor.

As you remember, Peter Pan wanted all the privileges of adulthood with none of the responsibilities. Utilizing “Anglican World Mission Sunday” on February 10 is the opportunity to light a powerful new bonfire within your church. After all, it was at the conclusion of His discipling of the twelve that Jesus gave them the charge, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…”

The best part of that Great Commission is “as you go, I will be with you… I will be with you day after day, after day to the end!” When a church sets its sights for mission, a new and more powerful presence of Jesus attends their way.

The church is always on a journey. Mission gives great validation that a local church is doing the work of the Kingdom. Nothing more strongly identifies a local church with the DNA of Christ as a focus on Missions. The return, just for the message of missions in your church, is eternal. Our children need the missionary as a model, because unlike the world, missions call us to come out of ourselves for the sake of others.

Anglicans in America are greatly privileged to find cross-cultural workers (missionaries) available to speak on “Anglican World Mission Sunday” by contacting Anglican Global Mission Partners, Anglican Frontier Missions, or the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, and there are many other resources for speakers to inform and inspire your church. There are children under your influence today who need to hear the great things the Lord is doing in the earth… They are the cross-cultural workers of the next generation.

Contact the Rev. Canon George Ivey as soon as possible for his help in providing an Anglican cross-cultural worker to bring a new vision to your church on February 10! Email Fr. George or call him at (404) 643-7339.

by Rachel Moorman
Communications Associate