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Go. Be Fruitful. Multiply: Canon Dan Alger’s Powerful Call to a Church-Planting Culture in ADOTS

“Oh, you’re that church planting guy.” Canon Dan Alger concedes that this is often how he’s known around the diocese and the province – and he seems okay with that. As the Canon for Church Planting, he recognizes that the topic is often polarizing, with people skewing either enthusiastic or antagonistic. But what he’s not […]

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Meet a Key Partner: The Anglican Relief and Development Fund

Agricultural training in South Sudan. A rural health clinic in Tikobo, Ghana. An educational hub in Gambella, Ethiopia. Unbeknownst to many Anglicans, the ACNA has an official and already well-established “arm” for relief and development across the world: The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF). Because so many church members remain completely unaware of ARDF, the Bishops […]

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