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Sanctify of Life Summit and Sunday

“God is the creator of life and without us, unborn children have no one to speak up for them.” -Archbishop Foley Beach

“Life is a gift from God and those gifts need to be protected. The unborn are the most vulnerable among us.” -Bishop Frank Lyons

Why is ADOTS pro-life? Our constitution itself affirms life, and declares human life sacred from conception to natural death. The Bible teaches us that we are made in God’s image, and we are not to take another’s life. The earliest Christian documents, such as the Didache, reveal that believers in Christ have been seeking to end abortion and infanticide from the earliest times. Pro-life is a settled Christian belief and we take that responsibility seriously. Anglicans for Life was founded to help us a diocese, local churches, and individuals and families learn together how to serve in supporting life.

You have two opportunities to support life this month.  Below is some information for individuals, families and churches.

As was announced at Synod,  Mrs. Paulette Ivey is now our Coordinator for life issues.  Her first goal is to take a team to the Summit, and she has a great team signed up.

 Please join us if you are able, and please pray for us as we represent you.

 Please, together, let us honor and protect the sanctity of every  human life.


Canon Greg

The Anglicans For Life Summit and the March for Life: January 18-19

The Summit is designed to discuss and educate Anglicans on life topics, but also prepare churches to support the sacredness of life, in a culture increasingly embracing unnatural death. ADOTS Bishops and lay people have attended every year since the inception of our diocese.

“I have personally attended the Summit and March for the past two years.  The Summit was impressive, informative, and inspirational. I learned about life issues from conception to natural death. The perspective was holistic, covering theological, social, psychological and political aspects. The speakers were excellent, dedicated, and compassionate.  There was something for everyone and I left informed and re-charged.” – Canon Greg

Check out what Fr. Laird Bryson had to say about last year’s event. 

Find out more here. 

Sanctity of Life Sunday – January 21st

January 21st, 2018 will mark Sanctity of Life Sunday, a Sunday specifically set aside to honor the millions of children lost to legal abortion in the United States since 1973 and to remind the Church of her commitment to protecting the unborn.

Sanctity of Life Sunday is far beyond the “politics” of abortion. Sanctity of Life Sunday is not a stale ritual, a repetition of the same-old statements-it’s a call to action both for clergy and parishioners alike, to defend the unborn, protect the vulnerable, and value God’s gift of Life. And that must begin in every church pew in every church worldwide.