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Get Involved with Life Issues in 2019


By Paulette Ivey, ADOTS Coordinator for Life Issues

Dear ADOTS Churches,
As the ADOTS Coordinator for Life Issues, I wanted to touch base with you about how your church may become involved with life issues in 2019.

Anglicans for Life has developed tremendous resources for ADOTS churches to use. At Holy Cross, we organized an AFL Chapter in 2018. With the help of materials from the national office, we created a mission statement, goals, hold monthly meetings, and carry out service projects in our community. We’ve also used AFL resources to educate church members in Sunday School about life issues such as abortion and assisted suicide. AFL curriculums Project Life and Embrace the Journey can be ordered online at www.AnglicansforLife.org or call 412-749-0455.

It has been a joy for our Holy Cross chapter to work with our local pregnancy center. Two things we did last year were to give them a baby shower and volunteer at the center.

It may be hard to believe, but the horrific New York legislation on late-term abortion is inspiring more church members to ask how they can be involved in life issues. One easy way is to pray at an abortion facility such as the Lawrenceville Planned Parenthood. You are welcome to join the Holy Cross chapter on March 30th from 11 am to 12 pm.

If your church is interested in knowing more about how to start a life-affirming ministry, please contact me at paulette.ivey12@gmail.com.

Two important announcements:

There is a new movie coming out that addresses abortion, and it’s called Unplanned. It is being released on March 29th. The movie is the story of Abby Johnson, who was a former manager at Planned Parenthood and is now a pro-life advocate. Please join us in praying that God will change hearts and minds through this movie and that eyes will be opened to the lies and deceptions the enemy has put in place regarding abortion. Additionally, we encourage you to be aware of the abortion healing resources available, in case the film or the news coverage about the recent abortion laws has triggered someone who either had or was involved in an abortion decision.

Here is a sample announcement about the movie that you can ask to be included in your church bulletin or email:
If you are concerned about abortion, please see the new movie Unplanned opening March 29th, to better understand what the abortion industry doesn’t want you to know. You can watch the trailer online. We also encourage you to read this article, which explains more about the movie!

All Saints Anglican Church in Fayetteville, GA, has invited Sheila Harper, founder of SaveOne to hold a seminar. This is a leadership training from 9 am to 3 pm on May 4th and is for anyone interested in learning about the ministry of abortion after-care recovery. The cost is $20 plus the cost of lunch. RSVP to info@saveone.org to reserve your seat and materials. For lunch and questions contact All Saints Anglican Church.

We live in challenging times, but we can make a difference for those who have no voice. Please pray about what the Lord might be leading you and your church to do.

Paulette Ivey, ADOTS Life Coordinator