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Developing Anglican Missional Pastors: A Formational Training Program for New Pastors

The American Anglican Council is accepting applications for their Clergy Leadership Training Institute’s Foundations Course: Developing Anglican Missional Pastors (AMP). 

AMP is a two-year formational training program that consists of 18 one-day sessions and 4 retreats. The course is designed to be a continuation of a graduating seminarian or new pastor’s theological education – giving them an opportunity to grow in essential ministry skills such as discipleship, teaching, pastoring, stewardship, missions, and priesthood.  

“Lifelong learning is a way, it’s a culture, it’s a shaping of our soul, and this may be one of the best opportunities that a person would ever have to move into lifelong learning for the rest of their ministry.” – Bishop Steve Breedlove

The deadline to register for the course is Monday, July 5th. For more details about the program and where to apply, visit the course page on the AAC’s website or this fact sheet

The Anglican Diocese of the South is offering a few partial scholarships for those interested. If you would like more information on the scholarships, please contact Canon Sean George at sean@adots.org with questions.