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Deacon Formation Program

Deacons are required to complete both ministry studies and Anglican formation. This must be a pre-approved program. Informal reading is helpful, but only a formal program of study will be accepted. Below are some great options for completing Deacon Formation.

Ministry Studies include biblical, theological, and pastoral studies.

Anglican Formation includes Anglican history, theology, polity, worship, and ministry mentoring.

ADOTS has created a Deacon Formation Program in partnership with Asbury Anglican Formation Institute.

You also have the option of completing one of the following programs:

  • Trinity School of Ministry Deacon Certificate Program
  • Nashotah House Seminary Deacon Certificate Program
  • The Mission School of Chattanooga

The Deacon Formation Program

Our program is completed in two parts.

You will enroll in the Asbury Anglican Formation Institute. This 10 month program will guide you through a mentored completion of your Anglican formation. This certificate level program costs $200 per module, for a total cost of $1,000. We ask each parish to consider assisting you, and the diocese can assist as well. We ask the local parish to assist the student with costs. The diocese may also be able to assist if requested. At the completion of these studies, you will be issued a certificate of completion from Asbury Anglican Formation Institute. This is not an accredited seminary program, but is recognized as an adult education curriculum.

At the same time, you will work with your local and diocesan mentors to complete your ministry studies. Ministry studies are done “in the parish” but you will be assigned a diocesan mentor, whom you will meet with online. These studies involve videos, readings and experiential ministry and result in a certificate of completion issued by the diocese. The program fees for this study are $400 total. We ask the local parish to assist the student with costs. The diocese may also be able to assist if requested.

These two programs can be completed concurrently and take a minimum of 10 months.

Asbury Anglican Formation

ADOTS Deacon Formation Program