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Nomination Consent Form

To be completed by those nominated:

Nominee Consent Form
  •   Standing Committee
      Ecclesiastical Trial Court
      Committee on Constitution and Canons
      Nominating Committee
      Finance Committee
      Delegate - Provincial Council
      Delegate - Provincial Assembly
  • By checking the box below, I affirm that I have carefully read the document titled "Anglican Diocese of the South Job Descriptions” I acknowledge that, if this document is not attached to this consent form when I sign it, it is my responsibility to obtain a copy from the Nominating Committee, read it, and attach it. I agree that if the Nominating Committee receives this form with this document not attached, any member of the Nominating Committee or the Standing Committee may attach it, and I will be fully bound by this form and this document as if this document had originally been attached when I signed this form.
  • I affirm that I meet all the qualifications and requirements for all the positions I have checked above in item 2, as such qualifications and requirements are set out in the attached document titled “Anglican Diocese of the South Job Descriptions”
  •   Clergy
  •   Member Congregation or Mission
      Partner Church
  • If I have checked either the Standing Committee or the Finance Committee box above, then I agree and consent that, before I am elected, and at any time, and from time to time, after election and while I am serving, the Bishop or the Chancellor may seek and obtain any criminal and/or credit background checks with respect to me that either of them in their sole discretion deems advisable. I waive any requirement under any applicable law that I must give my consent in any particular form, and the foregoing consent shall be fully applicable and effective so long as I am serving on either the Standing Committee or the Finance Committee in any capacity. I agree to fill out and sign any separate consent form required by the Diocese’s background check service provider.
  • Release Form Download Please download and complete our release form for background checks, and email a scanned copy to greg@adots.org.
  • I undertake to provide any additional information the Bishop, the Standing Committee, the Chancellor, or the Nominating Committee may reasonably request in connection with my nomination.
  • By signing below, I agree that this electronic form indicated as signed by me below shall suffice and serve as for all purposes as an originally executed consent form.