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Synod Nominations


Thank you for prayerful participating in our nomination process. We depend on you, guided by the Holy Spirit, to help our Nominating Committee discern which names to put forward for election to offices in our Diocesan leadership.

Included on this page is a list of the positions to be filled at the Synod delegates’ meeting in November. The Nominating Committee is requesting your recommendations for those best suited to fill the positions. Please use the online forms below to nominate someone or to consent to nomination.

The nomination process closes on September 15th. Please remember, the names you submit are suggestions, not actual nominations. Please be certain that those suggested are actually eligible and willing to serve. Please ask your suggested nominees to visit the website and to fill out the consent forms there prior to the deadline in order to complete their nominations. The Nominating Committee will then prayerfully select a slate.


If you have any questions or would like to talk with the chairman of the Nominating Committee, please email Sharon Schier at QuiltMom88@aol.com

Brief Descriptions of Committees

(Click here for full position descriptions)

Standing Committee – serves as the Board of Directors of the Diocese, overseeing the business and corporate affairs, procedures, and programs of the Diocese, and acting as the Ecclesiastical Authority in the absence of the Bishop. Nominees must attend a Standing Committee retreat during the first weekend in December, if elected.

Ecclesiastical Court – applies church discipline; administers and interprets the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese in ecclesiastical trials.

Committee on Constitution and Canons – ensures the conformity of the Diocesan Constitution and Canons with those of the ACNA; also reviews all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Canons.

Nominating Committee – is responsible for seeking and reviewing nominations for the vacant positions to be filled at Synod.

Finance Committee – works with the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget of the Diocese and requirements for audits, investment management, insurance, and other financial matters of the Diocese.

Delegate to Provincial Council – represents the Diocese within the respected order in attending the annual Provincial Council meeting to give voice and vote as needed on Provincial matters, changes to the Constitution and Canons, approval of the Council budget, etc.

Delegate to Provincial Assembly – represents the Diocese within the respected order in attending the biennial Provincial Assembly meeting to give voice and vote as part of deliberating on any matter concerning the Faith and Mission of the Church, to make recommendations to the Provincial Council concerning such matters, and to ratify the ACNA Constitution and Canons and any amendments adopted by the Council.

Forms and Documents

Online Suggested Nominee Form

Online form for suggesting a person for a position. 

Online Nominee Consent Forms

Used for the nominee to agree to be nominated. 

Nominee Release Form

Release for basic background check. Must be printed, filled out, scanned, and then uploaded or emailed to candace@adots.org

Full Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions for Diocesan Committees and Offices

List of Open Positions 2020

Standing Committee (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 2
     Lay Order – 2

Ecclesiastical Court (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 2
     Lay Order – 1

Committee on Constitution & Canons (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 4
     Lay Order – none needed

Nominating Committee (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 1
     Lay Order – 1

Finance Committee (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 1
     Lay Order – 1

Delegate to Provincial Council (five-year term)
     Clergy Order – 2

     Lay Order – 3


     Clergy Order – 1

     Lay Order – 1

Delegate to Provincial Assembly (three-year term)
     Clergy Order – 1

     Lay Order – 1