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How to Understand Video Engagement Statistics

by Canon Greg Goebel 

We have 1239 engagements with our videos!

What does that mean?

I’m not sure…

I wasn’t either, so I did some research for you.

Basic Overview

Church Production has a great article about all of this:

First, make sure you’re looking at the right numbers. If your church’s Youtube account includes videos you upload later, they can skew stats one way or another. If a video you upload gets a lot of traction, it might make your numbers look more positive than they are. Likewise, if you have a lot of videos that are only of interest to your church, but have titles which people might misinterpret, you might end up with very low apparent engagement across the channel while your live-stream might actually be highly engaged.

The whole article is worth reading.

Facebook Live and Premiere Stats

If you are using Facebook Live, then you’ll want to go to the Publishing Tools and click on Insights. Click on a video.  There you will see views, engagements, and other info. I found a great article about all of these terms at Switcher Studio.

Here is a basic glossary:

Peak Live Views: Highest number of views at the same time during live video.

Minutes Viewed: How many minutes the video was played, which includes replays.

Average Video Watched Time: How long the average view lasted.

Engagements: Reactions, Comments, and Shares (basically any time anyone does anything in response to your video)

As you can see, the Engagement is very important for us to continue to build community.

YouTube Live Stats

YouTube is basically tracking the same thing, using different terms, according to a great summary article at Hootsuite.

Interactions: Basically the same as engagements on Facebook.

Retention: How long viewer stayed on your video.

But YouTube also has:

Traffic Sources: Where did people come from? How did they get to your video?

Subscribers: YouTube users can subscribe to your channel. So this information tells you how many people are actively following your videos.

by Canon Greg Goebel, Canon to the Ordinary and Chief of Staff