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Can you and your church help Dr. Henry and the mission at the border?

September 9-18, 2020

What is Trinity on the Border – Harlingen (near Brownsville) Texas & ¿Me Quieres Ayudar? – Matamoros, Tamaulipas State, Mexico?

Trinity on the Border is providing logistical and spiritual assistance to the asylum seekers waiting on the Mexican-side of the border. They reside in tent city, located at the international bridge in Matamoros, which consists of 1200-1500 men, women, and children mostly from Central America who are seeking refuge and asylum in the USA.

These needs continue despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

¿Me Quieres Ayudar? (May I help You?) is a not-for-profit Christian charity based in downtown Matamoros which ministers to the children of those involved in the sex industry. Many of these children, while of Mexican origin and from the local area, are undocumented and have no access to education, recreation, or even meals. MQA has a multipurpose center which feeds, helps educate, and connects with these children – and some of their parents.

The objectives of this short-term project are:

  • Transform the courtyard of the MQA property into a usable space for the children of the MQA’s ministry (floor, veranda, pergola, sunshade, planting)
  • Spiritually encourage the workers at MQA
  • Expand the vision of the participants for the possibility of world mission through caring and service
  • Expose the participants to a profoundly cross-cultural, cross-lingual environment, and to the human suffering and need right at our own door.
  • For the participants to grow in the Lord

Overview of Trip

The Project is planned for ten days in mid-September, tentatively September 9-18.

Short-term mission participants will travel to Harlingen, Texas, where they will stay in low cost accommodations. A short trip each day in Brownsville will take participants across the international bridge and to the MQA multipurpose center. After devotions together daily, we will participate in what is expected to be a six-day renovation/transformation of the center’s courtyard, making it a useable space for the local children to whom MQA ministers. The schedule will also include some time for cultural “exploration” and cross-cultural discovery, as well as two recreation days.

Participants will be asked to raise the cost of their flight, housing and some meals as well as for a contribution for the materials needed to complete the project.

Host and Chaplain

Canon Greg
Host: Dr. Henry Baldwin
Dr. Henry

Your host will be Dr. Henry Baldwin, former Dean of Holy Cross Cathedral. Dr. Henry moved to the border area after he retired. He will coordinate the preparation for the trip and guide us during the trip.

Your chaplain will be Canon Greg Goebel, Canon to the Ordinary. Canon Greg will serve as chaplain and assist us with our day to day spiritual care and fellowship.

What’s Needed:

  1. USA passport
  2. Raise approximately $1800 – 2500 USD through your personal network and local church
  3. A willing attitude and an eagerness to learn
  4. The ability to contribute to a project involving some heavy labor during some potentially hot weather


  1. Travel Day – Fly into Harlingen Texas (HRL) International airport
    1. Be picked up by the TOTB team and taken to housing/hotels in Brownsville
  2. Daily cross the International bridge (Six Days)
    1. Morning Devotional/Bible Study
    2. Yard/Construction work
    3. Lunch provided
    4. Return in the evenings
    5. Evening activities????
  3. Sunday Services?
  4. Recreation Day (South Padre Island, TX)
  5. Recreation Day/Reflection Day
  6. Travel day – Depart from HRL for home

Are you interested?

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