Workshops at Synod 2014


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This Year’s Workshops:

workshop_icon“The Power of Prayer: How to Build or Renew an Intercessory Prayer Ministry” 

Speaker: Ty Bragg

workshop_icon“Music and Grace”

Speaker: Mark Miller

workshop_icon“The Emotionally Healthy Church”

Speaker: Emily King, M.Ed., M.A.

workshop_icon“Save Persecuted Christians: Supporting Suffering Brothers and Sisters”

Speaker: Dale Brown

workshop_icon“Planting and Multiplying Churches”
Speaker: Dan Alger

workshop_icon“Spread the Word: Evangelism and Your Church” Speakers: George Ivey and Richard Behra

workshop_icon“Preaching Tools”
Speaker: Jack King

workshop_icon“A Theology of Culture”
Speaker: Aaron Jeffrey

workshop_icon“International Justice Mission: Help Rescue the Oppressed”
Speaker: Larry Martin





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